Kanye West Gives Insane Speech At Pusha T's Album Listening Party

TBT “This Ferris Bueller, this is muthafucking PUSHA T”

And the most improved artist of the year goes to…….

Mac Miller…?

Actually yes, it does. I thought I would never say this, but “Easy Mac with the Cheesy Raps” actually isn’t too cheesy anymore. I bet only one-third, at  the most, of true hip hop fans, who like me hated the shitty frat rap mac miller shit, will give this new Mac Miller a chance, but they really should. They say competing, or hanging out, with the best makes you better and I guess this is actually true. Since Mac has been hanging out with Odd Future and Black Hippy, his music has completely changed. His been much more experimental, and his music isn’t just listenable, its actually quite good.

Although it coming out in 2012, Macadelic, a very sub par release, was his attempt at changing into what he wanted to be after Blue Slide Park’s critical flop. Macadelic was a good attempt, but there was still a lot of room for growth. Then there was this very easily overlooked, under the rug release by Mac’s alias, Larry Lovestein & the Velvet Revival titled You. Looking back this is actually a fantastic release, although simply jazz, it’s very easy listening and you can see how it lead to live performances with The internet, which I’ll touch on later. So by the end of 2012 maybe Easy Mac with the Cheesy Raps took a half step forward.

http://www.thevelvetrevival.com/ - Larry Lovestein -You EP download

But then there was 2013. Although there was supposed to be Pink Slime, a collab album with Pharrell early in the year, we are still waiting for it, (and we cant wait anymore! WE WANT IT!) but what we got early was an instrumental album by another alias, “Larry Fisherman.” And whoa, Mac’s learned a little, his production is actually better. Then there’s the first single off his 2nd album that would be coming out shortly after and its called S.D.S (somebody do something) and its produced by.. what FLYING LOTUS?!?!? I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t bought into Mac yet and I just waited for the instrumental so I wouldn’t have to hear Easy Mac ruin a beautiful FlyLo beat while asking myself “why would Flylo ever give this to mac miller??”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj4csT4eviU S.D.S (Prod. Flying Lotus)

Okay so at this point his working with flylo but hey its still mac miller, but then we see Guild with Earl Sweatshirt and Mellow High - produced by Larry Fisherman with OF member Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis. At this point I’m saying to myself okay if he’s hanging out with Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Flying Lotus I must be missing something maybe he’s actually going to get better and guess what, he really did. His album came out on June 18th. “What he put his album out the same day as YEEZUS and J Cole’s - Born Sinner?! Is his crazy” Well, yes he is, but his craziness is what actually makes the album great. It’s great production (Pharrell, Earl, Flylo) and great features (Earl, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and… what… Jay Electronica) the ghost of a rapper even presents himself for a feature on this album (still dont understand how he got this feature). But while all those things make this album better, Mac actually isn’t pushed around, he holds his own with his deep, true, introspective storytelling. As the album cover would suggest he gets naked, and tells us who he really is, and he’s in fact just a normal dude, who makes good music and seems pretty cool.

http://youtu.be/9Gbl-IDp1qc Space Migration Sessions

Okay so Mac’s actually a sad guy, who lets us know but hows the music. The album is pretty solid, one of the better rap albums of the year in a year filled (jam packed) with music. But what makes him the most improved of the year. Well, he put out a a few videos called the Space Migration Sessions in which he plays with OF’s the Internet. And what, this dude actually cares about the music. Blending Jazz elements into his songs and even wearing a KING KRULE! shirt. This guy isn’t a frat rapper, he’s a musician. So what does he do to show everyone. He gets together all the best young artist and brings these Space Migration Sessions on the road with the Space Migration Tour with Vince Staples, The Internet, Chance the Rapper, and Earl Sweatshirt. So of course i have to attend this. I’ve seen OF a few times but never with Earl or Syd, and after Larry Fisherman’s (Mac Miller) and Vince Staples’s collab mixtape - Stolen Youth vince is on my radar (he really becomes noticeable after one of the best verse of the year on Hive), and possibly best of all I get to see overnight wonder, acid rapper, Chancelor Bennett. So I drive over two hours to see all these other people, but hey Mac is there too, and of course they were all amazing, but Mac had a split personality stage persona. I was hoping to see this new Mac that id seen play with the Internet, playing guitar, singing, but what does he come out with. Two polo’s with both collars popped and some fratty rap old, easy mac with the cheesy raps. But as the show went on he literally and figuratively changed, he took off the polos and starting playing his new stuff as he was accompanied by The Internet, and from then on it was quite a good show. 

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-from-space/id766827782 Live from Space

So by the end of the night I had everything I wanted. I saw all these great acts, and despite having to bear through old mac (truthfully I almost left), I finally got to see this Space Migration sessions and by this point I have fully bought into Mac Miller and now believe he is an artist to contend with if he could just shed his prior image as he shed those polo’s and blue slide park tunes. And what does he do to end the year off perfectly. He releases a live album and some new tunes in his Live From Space album. Seriously, congrats Mac, I never thought I would say this but you earned it. You had a great year and I cant wait for the next. My only advice is always ask yourself “who the fuck is mac miller?”

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Nardwaur: “Why should people care about King Krule, why should people care?”

King Krule: “Uh you don’t have to care man. I don’t care about a lot, just if you like it you like it.”

- Paracosm

New Title, New Energy

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, you may not recognize me either. Formally turtle-y-moi I have decided to change the name to Paracosm Music, and with this change I’m going to be bringing new energy. Stay updated as I’ll have some personal end of the year lists up soon.


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If Wu-Tang ever did a cameo on South Park I might possibly die from excitement.

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